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How to Help a Friend Who Got Too High
6 months ago
While marijuana is one of the least dangerous drugs out there, legal or otherwise, it’s not without its dangers. A “marijuana overdose,” as long is it’s not mixed with other substances, is not lethal ...
Stages of Being High
7 months ago
No two highs are the same, just as no two people and no two strains are the same, but there are some decidedly familiar stages of being high that you probably know quite well. Not all of them are grea...
10 Obscure Stoner Movies We Need to See More Of
7 months ago
Everyone should know about the stoner classics: The Big Lebowski, Pineapple Express, Clerks, and of course, the masterpiece of backfired propaganda that is Reefer Madness. While these classics certain...
How to Grow Organic Weed
8 months ago
Even though organic produce is normally smaller in size than its non-organic competitors, it pretty uniformly packs a hundred times the flavor and richness into that size. The simple matter is, organi...
Reasons Why Being a Stoner Isn't a Bad Thing
9 months ago
Stoner stereotypes aren't generally the most flattering. At best, stoners are very often portrayed, especially in media, as nothing more than comical bums, people who do nothing with their lives but s...
Books About Cannabis Legalization
a year ago
Progress towards legalization may seem steady and certain, but the history of pot in the United States indicates a much more complicated issue. To best understand the debate, and join the argument, ch...