Nancy Fingerhood

I am the creator of the web series, Mile High Nancy about a 420 chef in Colorado who is also a single mother by choice and aspiring comedian. I also have a blog called Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman Gone Wild.

Mile High Nancy
9 months ago
I wrote my first short story at seven years old. It was a murder mystery solved by a female detective. I think it was Scooby Doo-ish and I added illustrations at the end which were just a bit more sophisticated than stick figures. Fast forward to my early 40s when I started doing stand up comedy and created a web series called Mile High Nancy, focusing on a cannabis chef and single mother by choice. She is also trying to succeed in comedy but supports herself as the host of the show Stirring the...
Easy Canna Cinnamon Rolls
9 months ago
Bongin' Blonde will tantalize your tastebuds with her canna cuisine. An easy cannabis cinnamon roll recipe. Enjoy for those days when you want to wake and bake!
The Edible Epicurean
10 months ago
Mile High country has upgraded from wine tasting parties to canna-infusion parties, where you can have a sampling of homemade edible wonders from Thai curry soup to sweet potatoes with pecans. The lat...