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CBD Oil Cured My Anxiety and My Insomnia
10 days ago
Weed is legal in Canada now! Yay! So I finally decided to buy my first bottle of CBD oil; mind you, my oil had .25mg of THC in it... however, I don't feel like I notice it at all. Probably because it'...
10 Things to Do When You Are High
24 days ago
Weed is legal in Canada now, and even my friend's moms are getting involved in the 'Marijuana Festivities'! With such a huge increase in THC and CDB, we are also going to need a huge increase in snack...
The 6 Best Weed Games
25 days ago
Weed games are pretty much the same concept as drinking games. Actually, they are the exact same... just with weed instead of beer. With that said, it's fun to know what is popular right now and what ...