Michelle Gallagher

southern california 

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Weed vs. Wax
2 months ago
Once you have started smoking for a while, your tolerance for regular old marijuana starts to rise. Then you come across the wonders of concentrated cannabis, or wax dabs, that seems to bring you to a...
How to Confidently Go into a Clinic
9 months ago
Dispensaries make stoners act like kids in a candy store: wide-eyed and ready to go crazy. Clinic bud is almost always better from street weed, which is why they will charge you more for the good stuf...
Ice Cubes in Your Bong: Yes or No?
9 months ago
Today, many bongs, ornate or basic, are equipped with little glass ice catchers just above the beaker. Putting ice in a bong can cancel out some of the heat from the smoke, making your rip much smooth...
How to (Safely) Be a Lady Stoner
9 months ago
Smoking pot isn't just a boy's game, but you also don't have to be a rapper's babe in a push-up bra to smoke a blunt. I started consistently smoking my sophomore year of high school, and at that time ...