Michael Thielmann

I am a counselor, spiritual mentor, and writer living on Vancouver Island. My passion is to help people get in touch with their own love, creativity, and empower them to live in alignment with their highest wisdom. www.seedsoflove.ca

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Cannabis and Creativity
7 months ago
As an aspiring writer at the age of 18, I made it my duty to thoroughly test the hypothesis that pot can enhance or improve our creative abilities. I want to explore this topic in some depth; many of my clients lately have been interested in looking more deeply at their cannabis use. I can't deny that in my early days pot seemed to give me the creative boost that I was looking for. I'd often sit in front of a blank page or Word document wondering how to begin my next big writing project. My over...
Save Your Youth
8 months ago
If you're anything like me, your teenage years and perhaps early twenties were likely the times you experimented most with various substances. (Many of you have carried the spirit of your youth to the...
Psychedelics: No Shortcuts to Self-Knowledge
a year ago
An honest preface: I am no stranger to dabbling in psychedelic substances and have run the gamut of experimentation to realize something crucial. There are no shortcuts when it comes to our own growth...
The Cannabis Cure-all?
a year ago
As the projected date for cannabis legalization looms in my home country of Canada, various businesses are hyping the plant up in preparation. There is a lot of focus on pot in terms of its potential ...
A Look at Weed: Want or Need?
2 years ago
In talking about the controversies around cannabis, I am going to put myself out there and be as vulnerable, honest, and direct as possible. As a teenager, I began experimenting with pot at the age of...