Kels M

I am a hard working stay at home mom who loves to write.

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Healthy Munchies
21 days ago
Do you feel like all you ever crave is junk food when you have the munchies? I know I do! Toppers Pizza is my favourite munchies of all time, but if I were to eat that every single day, not only would...
Stoner Travel Must Haves
23 days ago
So if you are anything like me, you probably love taking your weed with you when you travel. Some people may just throw their weed in a random bag and go but there is a much better way to do it. A sme...
7 Stoner Must Haves!
a month ago
So, you have decided you like smoking weed and want to continue on with it, but do you have everything you need? Sure, some people may not agree with this list, but for someone who is just starting ou...
10 Free Things to Do While Super Baked
a month ago
Hey, stoners! I am here to tell you some great little things to do at least once while stoned. All of these are free so you don’t have to worry about spending a dime! And away we go!
Being a Productive Stoner!
a month ago
Who said stoners have to be unproductive? Not me! Stoners can be just as productive if not more than any sober human out there and here is how!
Keep Your House From Smelling Dank
a month ago
Hey stoners, need to smoke discreetly? Do you have a guest coming over? Or just don’t want a dank house? Well here are our six tips and tricks to keep your house smelling nice and fresh!