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Flower or Shatter?
6 months ago
With marijuana laws changing all over the country, and use becoming much more common (and tolerated), it's not surprising that people may be branching out and trying different things. And while pipes,...
My Greatest Mistake with Weed
a year ago
Just to clarify to everyone, I’m far from a regular "wake n' bake" user. My tolerance isn't that high, so that kind of makes this story even more sad. About a month ago, one of my best friends gave me...
Another 5 Albums to Listen to When High
a year ago
The sequel to my "5 Best Albums To Listen To When High" list. No fluff, no filler, let's get to it!
Trump's Surprising Support for Weed
a year ago
A bill has been proposed by Senator Cory Gardner (R, Colorado) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, Massachusetts) that will amend the Controlled Substances Act and loosen federal regulations on marijuana...
The 5 Best Albums to Listen to When High
a year ago
Yes, I understand that this list has been done before (many times), but here's the catch: Pink Floyd won't be on it. And as much as I love the prog-rock gods themselves, every single person who has go...