Izzy Erlich

Upstate New Yorker, who loves to travel to Colorado and Vancouver. Certified Yoga instructor.

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Best Electric Weed Grinders
2 years ago
These days, grinders and other canna-goods are beginning to become status symbols among those in the pothead community. Some love being able to boast the most expensive cannabis accessories out there,...
Is the War on Drugs Racist?
3 years ago
Legalization of marijuana first found itself as a part of the battle against racism. It should be no surprise that many of America's archaic drug laws have a common root in racism. Today's new generat...
Marijuana for Veterans with PTSD
3 years ago
Did you know that over 300,000 veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been diagnosed with PTSD by the US Department of Veterans Affairs? And thousands of more have yet to receive recognition...
Top Movies to Watch Stoned
3 years ago
What to watch when you’re stoned is as complicated as which strain of marijuana best suits your personality, or what your favorite color is. It’s a personal thing. Depends on the type of day you’re ha...
Weed Yoga
3 years ago
Too long have yogis stood in the alley behind the studio and had a quick toke before class begins. Edibles, in moderation, can contribute to a really great spiritual session. But imagine a world where...
Keith Stroup Interview
3 years ago
In the later part of the 20th century, the young lawyer Keith Stroup, a key member of NORML, succeeded in influencing ten states to ease their marijuana laws. He hasn't stopped working on the other fo...