Hydro Wilson

Of Alpha Kappa Nu fame. Grew up in Boulder, Colorado. Addicted to Halo.

Famous Potheads in History
2 months ago
As the cannabis industry expands and more states begin to legalize marijuana, the number of people who smoke weed is increasing. It's no secret that weed is the drug of choice for a lot of the stars. ...
How To Make Frozen Marijuana Margaritas
3 months ago
Whether you salt or sugar the rim, it doesn’t matter. Everybody loves a delicious margarita on a hot day, especially if it is frozen! The adult equivalent to a slushie, frozen margaritas are the citru...
How To Make Kush Ketchup
4 months ago
Ketchup and French fries. There is not a more American combination on the planet. While french fries actually originated in the French-speaking country of Belgium, ketchup is one of the most commonly ...
How To Make Reefer Pizza
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Pizza is an international favorite. Originating in Italy, every major American city has its own style. Chicago has deep dish. New York has thin crust. Even Detroit has its own pizza style. Pizza has g...
How To Make Cannabooze
5 months ago
Cannabis and alcohol are the pinnacles of indulgence. Both can help you unwind after a long day, but they do have very different effects. You have likely mixed the substances before, yet you probably ...
Are You Pissing Off Your Dealer?
8 months ago
You know, a weed dealer can have their faults, like not answering your calls, having seeds and stems in your stash, not using a scale to measure your weed, and the jaw-dropping, untimely cannabis drou...