Hydro Wilson

Of Alpha Kappa Nu fame. Grew up in Boulder, Colorado. Addicted to Halo.

Must-Read Books On Growing Marijuana
2 days ago
Why should you bother investing in books on growing marijuana when much of the information is widely available online? Can't you just watch a bunch of YouTube videos and get much of the same informati...
Most Helpful Accessories to Roll a Joint
15 days ago
Rolling a joint is a bit of a lost art form these days, with so many smokers opting for the easier to use bowls, pens, and one-hitters. There is much less human error involved in those methods, and th...
Essential Stoner House Decorations Every Smoker Needs
21 days ago
Have you ever walked into a stoner friend's house and felt like you've been transported back in time, to say, Woodstock or something? Great home decor can really take your smoking experience to the ne...
Crazy Rolling Papers You've Probably Never Heard Of
a month ago
Everyone has a favorite rolling paper. I like Raws. They never fail and have great branding. But because of this, Raws are for a standard roll. They don't leave an impression or mark an occasion. Raw ...
Famous Potheads in History
4 months ago
As the cannabis industry expands and more states begin to legalize marijuana, the number of people who smoke weed is increasing. It's no secret that weed is the drug of choice for a lot of the stars. ...
How To Make Frozen Marijuana Margaritas
5 months ago
Whether you salt or sugar the rim, it doesn’t matter. Everybody loves a delicious margarita on a hot day, especially if it is frozen! The adult equivalent to a slushie, frozen margaritas are the citru...