Henry Kronk

Copyeditor and freelance journalist. Born a Sagittarius, making him “fun-loving, spirited, and energetic,” according to Astrolabe.com.

New Age, Activist Nuns Are Growing Cannabis
3 years ago
They really want the media to move on about the whole nun thing. Their mission is more important: reshaping the tarnished reputation of a plant that provides numerous health benefits. “The Cannabis pl...
The India Hemp Drugs Commission Report of 1894 Found Cannabis Totally Chill
3 years ago
Before Clinton extended maximum sentencing, before Reagan announced his policy of zero tolerance, before William Randolph Hearst, DuPont, Herbert Hoover and his cronies gave weed its Spanish name and ...
Cannabis Ruderalis
3 years ago
Sativa gets you up and going, indica keeps you chill. But who has heard of the third sibling of the marijuana plant? While the cannabis plant has been selected for myriad properties for tens of thousa...
Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart
3 years ago
In the dog days of the summer of ’41, Martha Kostyra was born into a middle class Jersey City family of Polish origins. She brushed with fame babysitting the children of several New York Yankees, incl...