Green Faerie

I'm a healer, nutritionist and chef, currently living in various United States with my husband. I also suffer from chronic "invisible" illnesses and find happiness sharing cures for pain. 

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Marijuana Sativa vs. Indica
8 months ago
After a recent interesting experience going in to buy marijuana with my mom (WTAF?), I realized that a lot of people in America must be newly being introduced to these good times everyday, and how ann...
Why Does Marijuana Smell Like Skunk?
9 months ago
Growing up in Southern California as an anti-pot-smoker, I became very familiar with the strong smell of skunk that comes from people growing, carrying, and smoking weed. Medical marijuana has been le...
How to Clean Your Bong and Repurpose Marijuana Resin
9 months ago
For as many people on the marijuana chat boards who chime in that they clean their bongs and pipes after every use, there must be at least a dozen true pot users who don't want to admit they usually o...
Does Cannabis Lower Blood Pressure?
a year ago
I am not a doctor. This is not an official medical answer to the question, Does cannabis lower blood pressure? I haven't found a lot of great research published on the subject, but the individual acco...
Turn Weed Ash into Potent Edibles in Less Than an Hour
a year ago
I remember in college hanging out in a dorm with a bunch of broke, pot smokers. At the time I was a prudish non-smoker, completely anti-pot for myself, but with no judgement for others who used it. Th...