Gerald Oppugne

I have no idea why I'm here, but let's make the best of it shall we? I like to drink and smoke, so I'll keep you up to date on those worlds if you like em as much as me.

Why People Get Red Eyes from Smoking Weed?
a year ago
There are plenty of reasons for those pesky red eyes from smoking weed, but is there a way to curtail it? Unlike the 5 top drinks for cotton mouth, there aren't that many ways to cease you from having...
How Weed Affects Our Dreams
a year ago
As deeper and more embedded research unlocks the secrets in the marijuana plant itself, insight into how weed consumption affects our dreams have been greatly explored. What most of these studies have...
Great Ways to Conserve Your Weed Stash
2 years ago
The trouble with Mary Jane is she's so damn expensive! There are plentiful ways you can conserve your weed stash, from cutting down on smoking in general to switching up how you smoke. It’s as simple as knowing how much you want to conserve and how willing you are to save your marijuana. Dankruptcy is a real concept and an important thing to avoid when you're just beginning to enter into the cannabis industry, or even if you're a long time subscriber. That's not the only issue with constant smok...
How To Get Not Too Stoned
2 years ago
While I may never understand the theory behind it, there are quite a lot of smokers around the world who don't necessarily like smoking to the degree that they're listless and lost in space. That all-...
What Are the Benefits of Cannabis Honey?
2 years ago
While honey alone is very nurturing, given that it's a natural form of cough syrup, energy source, and aid for diabetes, cannabis honey has quite a few benefits you might not know about. First and for...
States Likely to Legalize Marijuana in 2018
2 years ago
Why is marijuana still illegal? It's a good question, one that seems to be asked on a daily basis by many US citizens, most of which use the potent narcotic not simply for its intoxicating high, but f...