George Gott

Writer & Social Media Editor for Jerrickmedia who is an avid reader of sci-fi and a fierce defender of women, minority, and LGBTQ rights.

Sustainable Cannabis Growers to Watch 
3 years ago
A real fear for many is the catastrophic scenario –our ocean levels rising, plants and animals dying off– all attributed to global warming. One of the first steps to fight global warming is to become ...
Best Stoner Anime to Watch
3 years ago
Choosing the best stoner anime to watch is more than just blazing up and watching whatever anime you can find while, *ahem* impaired. Boost your buzz with comedy, crafty visual styling, and thought-pr...
Best Cannabis Strains for Relaxing
3 years ago
Trying to relax or overcome any kind of stress–like anxiety, depression or pain– can be a monumental challenge for some, but if you toke up a little bit time after time you’re in luck. Thanks to the v...
Best Cannabis Edibles
3 years ago
Let's get real here: you smoke joints, you get high. You like it but sometimes that good feeling either doesn't last long or it's the same old same old. Well did you ever know that eating pot will get...
How to Break the Stoner Stereotype
3 years ago
So, what is ‘the stoner stereotype’ exactly? Lazy, lethargic, always late, has uncontrollable munchies, can’t be relied on and so forth. You get it, Harold and Kumar types. The issue is that many impo...
Weed Twitter Accounts to Follow
3 years ago
Most people smoke weed to chill, laugh, get inspired, or to just to relax. What better way to spend those countless hours getting inspired, keep up on the newest Marijuana law, or just laughing your a...