Frank White

New Yorker in his forties. His counsel is sought by many, offered to few. Traveled the world in search of answers, but found more questions.

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Classic Sci-Fi TV Series for Sci-High Bingeing
2 years ago
Philo Fransworth didn’t know it at the time, but the years he spent avoiding electric shock have been very, very good to science fiction. Farnsworth--who came up with the rough idea of broadcast telev...
Best Greco-Roman Action Films to Watch Stoned
2 years ago
There are several movies, stoned or otherwise, that everyone just loves to watch--and Greco-Roman films, while maybe not the first choice for your action film viewing pleasure, remain some of the cool...
Who Was Fitz Hugh Ludlow?
2 years ago
I was never particularly interested in 19th-century literature. There were so many things our English teachers didn't tell us, especially when it came to the counterculture underground books of the Vi...
What is Yage?
2 years ago
An Amazonian Indian paddles a heavy canoe downriver, deep in the hold of South America. The Tunchis, spirits of the dead, call out to him in the medium of bird whistles from the jungle banks. Chullach...
How Cannabis Inspired Jazz Musicians
2 years ago
Louis Armstrong was a much more courageous man than the young firebrands of a later generation gave him credit for. As for "putting it down," there a certain doubt creeps in. I suspect that until the ...
Biggest Weed Busts Ever
3 years ago
Not surprising that the biggest weed busts ever occurred in the first 15 years of the 21st century. As the global cry for legalization hits its highest note, so too does an anxious criminal element th...