David McCleary

Holistic health practitioner. Believes in using natural remedies over traditional medications whenever possible. Volunteers at a recycling plant.

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Cannabis Infused Beauty Products
3 years ago
Cannabis is a beauty ingredient that is full of hydrating omegas and antioxidants. Cannabis-infused beauty products will provide you with healthy and glowing skin. Cannabis infused beauty products are...
Albizzia: The Legal Happiness Herb
3 years ago
With depression as one of the leading ailments in Western Society, any herb that has properties to relieve it are of great interest. Albizzia julibrissin or Silk Tree is one such plant. The legal happ...
Can You Smoke Lettuce?
3 years ago
Not everyone who probably would benefit from cannabis products is prepared to to do something illegal. Others have neither the time for meditation nor an appetite for abstinence. The logical solution,...
Why You Should Use All Natural Products to Smoke Weed
3 years ago
Using all natural products to indulge in your herb will make your experience all the better. Most stoners will tell you they like their smoking experience easy, sometimes quick and uncomplicated. Well...
Health and Beauty Cannabis Products
3 years ago
The commercialization of cannabis is upon us. It comes hand in hand with legalization. For centuries medical communities have known of the healing aspects of marijuana, but the institutional health an...
Strains to Avoid if You Have Anxiety
3 years ago
Marijuana’s medicinal purposes are undeniable and recognized by patients, medical professionals, and recreational users alike. The physical benefits are endless: instant pain relief, reduced nausea, a...