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Best Weed Snapchats to Follow
2 years ago
Have you ever wondered, what are the best weed snapchats I should be following? If you have, it would make a great deal of sense given the increasingly interconnected world we live in and the fact tha...
Greatest Musicians Who Smoke Weed
2 years ago
Music and drugs go hand in hand. Weed specifically, known for it's mind-opening qualities, allows creative musicians to tap into parts of their brains that otherwise may have laid dormant. Some of the...
Greatest Marijuana Quotes of All Time
2 years ago
Ganja, reefer, pot, green gold, sticky icky, skunk, tree. There’s a million different ways to say it, and there’s a million different ways to smoke it, but there’s still one major problem with the bub...
Famous Celebrities Who Smoke Weed
2 years ago
"Celebrities, they're just like us!” might be a cliche, but it is also true. Nothing connects celebrities to the common man more than smoking weed. Sure, smoking marijuana goes along with the "Hollywo...
Beginner's Guide to Weed
3 years ago
Do the terms diploid or polyploid have any meaning for you? Probably not. But if you have any interest in understanding what makes one bag of marijuana give you nothing but a mild headache, while anot...
Weed Instagram Accounts to Follow
3 years ago
If it's not posted on Instagram, did it really happen? In other words, if one weed Instagram account didn't post his epic hammerhead shark blunt, did it ever exist? Cannabis culture has exploded over ...