Claire Peters

Five Ways CBD Can Help Seniors Thrive
5 months ago
Anybody in their golden years will likely do anything they can to feel their best. Whether you are taking walks in the park, eating more vegetables, or meditating daily, these habits add up to a healt...
Preventing Your Cannabis Business from Going up in Smoke
5 months ago
In 2018, the cannabis industry grew to $10.4 billion, and it is poised to get even bigger in 2019. Those numbers should make any entrepreneur salivate, and if you’re one of the folks who jumped on the...
How to Find the Right CBD Product for You
5 months ago
Learning about CBD can be a relatively overwhelming experience. Besides learning about what CBD is, how it functions inside the human body, and how it can be applied to help you tackle a variety of di...
How CBD Can Help You Operate Like a Well-Oiled Machine
5 months ago
Marijuana is increasingly becoming legal in the United States for both medicinal and recreational use. This change in attitude by state governments towards pot has led to more medical revelations abou...