Christina St-Jean

I'm a high school English and French teacher who trains in the martial arts and works towards continuous self-improvement.

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Melissa Etheridge Admits Smoking Weed With Her Older Sons
2 years ago
The family that tokes together...? Singer songwriter Melissa Etheridge, 55, has acknowledged that she has smoked weed and continues to do so, saying that it brings a family closer instead of drives th...
Weed For PTSD?
2 years ago
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, most commonly known as PTSD, has long plagued veterans. Whether it's flashbacks, nightmares, or something more sinister, PTSD has been a definite mental health problem ...
Marijuana Teens' Drug Of Choice For Anxiety, Depression
3 years ago
It may come as little surprise that teens start experimenting with marijuana in their early adolescence. Some might argue that it's nearly a rite of passage for many, as there appears to be a growing ...