Chelsea Pullano

Impressed by authenticity. Member of Diet Coke Anonymous. Extremely Type-A. Still discovering what Type-B means.

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Best New Cannabis Startups to Watch in 2017
2 years ago
The legalization of cannabis has sparked a brand new, booming industry. Startups in "legal states" are now becoming increasingly common, and among them are some seriously impressive innovators. The fo...
Why People Think Stoners Are Lazy
3 years ago
The cannabis community has been working to overcome stoner stereotypes for decades. Meanwhile, pop culture is spreading and perpetuating these pot-head portrayals. Anyone who smokes or has friends tha...
Medical Marijuana for Dogs
3 years ago
As more and more states legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use, America is experiencing an unprecedented marijuana business boom. The number of Americans in support of the legalizati...