Chasse Gibeault

Entheogenic/Psychedelic enthusiast with a particular passion for harm reduction and the exploration of consciousness.
How Weed Got Me to University
a year ago
I started smoking weed in the ninth grade. My first time was not long after my 14th birthday, I smoked using a makeshift pipe made from a pop can. This first time, the effects were little to none so I...
Psychedelic Integration Pt. 2
2 years ago
This was written closer to my most recent (22nd) birthday (October 2017), a year after this experience had happened (October, 2016). I am sharing this here as an addition to the psychedelic integratio...
Psychedelic Integration Part 1
2 years ago
Some summers ago.. I decided to do mushrooms at a place called Wasaga beach. Wasaga beach is basically a place in Canada people go to, to party. It's lined up with different attractions and full of dr...
DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)
2 years ago
When most people talk about their DMT experiences, one usually thinks of breaking through the mold that confines them to their bodies. Entering a hyperspace reality where great wisdom is shared to the...