Bethany Tiamat

I love three things: books with yellowed pages, long walks on beaches with my german shepard Dany, and dishes incorporating fried onions.

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How to Get Rid of Cotton Mouth
2 years ago
"How to get rid of cotton mouth?" When you first start smoking weed, you probably have wondered that very question at least once. Cotton mouth is that dried-out, painful side effect of pot smoking no ...
Stupid Stoner Fails
2 years ago
When going down the list of the funniest stupid stoner fails, you find a few reoccurring patterns. People usually expose themselves to the law by being idiots or doing something incredibly immoral. Th...
How Weed Affects Your 5 Senses
2 years ago
Your five senses change when you smoke weed. Obvious statement is obvious, but let's break that down for a second. Weed makes you feel happier—more loose, more free. This is because cannabis affects y...