Ben McCarthy

I am a 25+ yr cannabis consumer and advocate. I believe information is freedom. Join me on my journey of discovery and together we will unlock the mysteries and secrets of this wonderful plant visit me on Facebook or Twitter @cannacowboy

Death to Dispensaries
9 months ago
The news from Premier Wynne's office came as a collective kick in the shins to many in the fight for cannabis freedom, and sounded a shrill warning to other independent dispensaries and retail outlets...
Brother Down
10 months ago
As I arrive, you can almost feel an energy in the air. I walk into the nondescript professional center on Church street in the sleepy town of Amherst, NS, as I climb the stairs to the third floor, hom...
Higher Living Wellness Center
10 months ago
I had recently re-entered the foray of cannabis activism after a number of years of resigning myself to letter writing campaigns and providing information to those I knew who needed it. I had lost my ...
Turning a New Leaf
10 months ago
With recreational cannabis just a few short months away now in Canada, for or against, the reality of its implementation is on everyone's mind. Let's not kid ourselves and think everyone is all for th...