Aunt Mary

Lives in Englewood, NJ, and can often be found sharing her weed wisdom at Starbucks.

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How to Make Cannabutter
2 years ago
The process of how to make cannabutter is something of an enigma in weed culture. Everyone has their own tricks and tips, and everyone seems to get different results. In fact, it’s this last aspect of...
Creative Ways to Use Your Marijuana Stems
2 years ago
According to our stoner code, it is a crime to throw away stems. Stems are a pot of gold as they are so versatile that throwing them away is just foolish. Any good stoner should know that stems can be...
Weed Gifts For 8 Days of Hanukkah
2 years ago
What's a Jewish stoner to do? It's that Hanukkah time of year. Time to consider gift giving for that special toker in your life. Most Rabbis have ruled that marijuana is in point of fact kosher, as lo...
How to Travel With Weed
2 years ago
Traveling with weed is actually easier today then it was in the late 20th century. Technology has certainly played a part, but attitudes at security checks have eased as regards to weed. The combinati...
Inca Ink From Mama Coca by Antonil
2 years ago
A first-rate book can also be a letdown when seeds of greatness sprout in the opening leaves only to wither before harvest. Mama Coca is the best on the subject since W. Golden Mortimer's turn-of-the-...
History of the Opium Wars 
3 years ago
In the 24th of May, 1839, perhaps in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday, the sun rose confidently over London and shone steadily throughout the day, uninterrupted by the clouds which plague even the b...