Aunt Mary

Lives in Englewood, NJ, and can often be found sharing her weed wisdom at Starbucks.

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How To Make Cannabis Pasta
2 years ago
Italians have been making pasta since 1154 A.D. Since then, it has become popular across the world—particularly in America. Italian cuisine is a long-time favorite in the United States, especially whe...
Pot and Parenting
2 years ago
Marijuana is now, for the most part, mainstream. But there is still work to be done. Over the next few years, we should expect the self-righteous folk, who feel smoking pot is still socially unaccepta...
How To Make Pot Cocoa
2 years ago
Mom’s hot cocoa was very likely one of your childhood favorites, but have you indulged in the sugary drink since then? It is easy to get wrapped up in the responsibilities of adulthood, but once in aw...
How To Make “Green” Tea Blueberry-Banana Smoothie
2 years ago
Your health is important, so it is important that you watch what you put in your body. Nutrition fans everywhere have probably made themselves a smoothie or two, but have you added green tea to your s...
How To Make Cannabis Tacos
2 years ago
Tacos: the Mexican staple taking the world by storm. Predating the European invasion of the country, tacos have been in Mexico for hundreds and hundreds of years. Today, there are different versions o...
Benefits of CBD Oil
2 years ago
Until recently, the study of the positive effects of marijuana has been relatively overlooked, as have the benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD oil, a non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Besides the still-evident stigmatization of cannabis, specific government legislation and funding constraints have made it all the more difficult for scientists to focus on CBD research. It is only more recently that the medical field has started to realize the potential for cannabinoids to cure diseases, relie...