Annie Kiely

Annie Kiely is a freelance writer, editor and researcher who lives in the 'burbs of Toronto with her pets and her partner. Annie is an advocate for wellness, mental health support and literacy, and loves animals and gardening. 

Guess What? Marijuana Is Not a Gateway Drug
3 months ago
One of the major risks that has often been associated with cannabis use is the idea that it will act as a "gateway drug" - or that smoking pot will make someone more willing and likely to try stronger...
Hair Drug Test Vs Urine Drug Test
4 months ago
Drug testing is a practice that is not as remote to average people as it once was. There has been a steady increase in standardized drug screening in workplaces, schools, and athletic associations. Wi...
How to Make BHO Edibles
5 months ago
As marijuana use becomes more mainstream, different ways of serving and ingesting cannabis products continue to emerge. If you've mastered the standard cannabutter process and are looking for a new ty...