Ami Roach

Jewish Barnard graduate, surprise surprise.

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How to Smoke Dabs Without a Rig
2 years ago
Dabs have become the go to choice for weed aficionados these days, with or without a rig. Some people say that there is no wrong way to smoke weed, those people are wrong and have probably never had t...
How to Keep Your Stash Fresh
2 years ago
The question of how to keep your stash fresh is as potent as man's perpetual quest to live forever. The thought of eternal bliss enters the mind and touches the soul. Is there a fountain of youth in t...
How to Identify Bad or Old Weed
3 years ago
How do you identify bad or old weed?—a riddle as old as the hobby itself. Nobody wants to light up with adulterated cannabis, and, with these helpful hints, you won’t ever have to. It is important to ...
How to Prepare Kava Kava
3 years ago
Found on South Pacific islands, Kava has acted as a sedative for islanders. Used in religious ceremonies and for medical treatment, Kava has a similar impact on brain waves the way certain medicinal s...
Most Ridiculous Anti-Drug PSAs
3 years ago
There are great ways of selling the message "Stay away from drugs, kids!" but anti-drugs public service announcements, or PSAs, really aren’t it. Ridiculous and hysterical, you can only take these ser...
Famous People in History Who Smoked Weed
3 years ago
History repeats itself and that's a good thing if you are a marijuana advocate. History is filled with individuals without whom there would be no legalization effort today. Many of the most famous peo...