Ami Roach

Jewish Barnard graduate, surprise surprise.

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10 Smart Ways to Hide Your Pot Stash
7 months ago
Nearly 55 million Americans are active pot smokers—that’s about 22 percent of the population of the US. Within those 55 million, if you consider yourself a pothead, social smoker or one time user, cha...
Best Fictional Potheads in Pop Culture
9 months ago
It's crazy how far America has come since the age of Reefer Madness. I wonder what people would have said, back then, if we told them that pot would soon be legal in many US states. Maybe they wouldn'...
Why Your Pot Leaves Are Turning Yellow
a year ago
Losing sleep because your cannabis plants are acting up? You my friend, have come to the right place! Listed out below is a stoner-proof method for turning your decrepit plants into beautiful green st...
How Cannabis Could Replace Anti-Anxiety Medicine
a year ago
Few people know that they suffer from anxiety until they experience some extreme feelings. They may suffer from narrow vision, chest tightness, too many thoughts, and pressure on the body. Some patien...
Why You Did Not Get High the First Time You Smoked Weed
a year ago
Not getting high the first time a person smokes is not a new phenomenon by any means. This has been a common complaint since the 1960s when smoking cannabis first became popular. A study done in the l...
Things You Didn't Know About Cannabis Roots
a year ago
Many are already well aware of some of the health benefits tied to cannabis. From its buds to its leaves to the health benefits of juicing cannabis, there are also a plethora of ways cannabis can be u...