Ami Roach

Jewish Barnard graduate, surprise surprise.

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How Long Does It Take For Cannabis to Leave Your Body?
7 days ago
You know what's the worst? When you get a call to schedule a job interview literally as you're hitting a joint with your friends. You try to act cool and avoid throwing a coughing fit from how hard yo...
10 Health Benefits of Juicing Cannabis
a month ago
There are so many ways you can use cannabis. From smoking it, to baking it in edibles, and even eating it raw, like some people do, people find ways to incorporate cannabis in their diet. While certai...
How To Make Marijuana Meatballs
7 months ago
You pair them with spaghetti. You put them on sub sandwiches. You even eat them on their own. Meatballs are an Italian staple that actually originated in China. Nevertheless, we usually eat the Italia...
How To Make Marijuana Infused Apple Pie
8 months ago
There is nothing sweeter than a slice of apple pie. With luscious apples and a flaky crust, the fruit pie is the perfect, spiced palate cleanser at the end of a meal. You can eat it in summer or fall;...
How To Make Sativa Snickerdoodles
9 months ago
They are fun to eat, fun to say, and perhaps they will even put you in a time capsule straight to your childhood: Snickerdoodles. Snickerdoodles have a unique cinnamon-sugar flavor after they are prop...
How To Make Cannabis Green Eggs
9 months ago
You often see them as part of a balanced breakfast, mostly because of their high protein content. Eggs are a breakfast delight in its many forms—hard-boiled, fried, poached, and scrambled. Whether you...