Ami Roach

Jewish Barnard graduate, surprise surprise.

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Why You Did Not Get High the First Time You Smoked Weed
6 days ago
Not getting high the first time a person smokes is not a new phenomenon by any means. This has been a common complaint since the 1960s when smoking cannabis first became popular. A study done in the l...
Things You Didn't Know About Cannabis Roots
11 days ago
Many are already well aware of some of the health benefits tied to cannabis. From its buds to its leaves to the health benefits of juicing cannabis, there are also a plethora of ways cannabis can be u...
Best Ways to Store Weed for an Extended Period of Time
25 days ago
Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on bud, only to have it dry out and turn brittle. It isn't necessary, anyway, given how easy it is to store weed for an extended period of time. The only ...
How Long Does It Take For Cannabis to Leave Your Body?
3 months ago
You know what's the worst? When you get a call to schedule a job interview literally as you're hitting a joint with your friends. You try to act cool and avoid throwing a coughing fit from how hard yo...
10 Health Benefits of Juicing Cannabis
4 months ago
There are so many ways you can use cannabis. From smoking it, to baking it in edibles, and even eating it raw, like some people do, people find ways to incorporate cannabis in their diet. While certai...
How To Make Marijuana Meatballs
9 months ago
You pair them with spaghetti. You put them on sub sandwiches. You even eat them on their own. Meatballs are an Italian staple that actually originated in China. Nevertheless, we usually eat the Italia...