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Rick and Morty Stoner Must Haves
9 months ago
In High Places 420: [September 6th, 2017] Are you a huge Rick and Morty fan? Do you also like to partake in a good smoke sesh? Then this list of must haves is perfect for you! Check out the Top 10 Sto...
Weed 101 for Beginners
a year ago
In High Places 420: [July 14th, 2017] I decided to write today's post in honor of my new homestead. I recently moved to a new state and have made best friends with one of my neighbors. Well being my b...
Stoner Girl Must-Haves
a year ago
In High Places 420: July 7th, 2017 This list is for my fellow lady tokers that are anything like me. In other words, you're magnetized to those of the pink, glittery, or cute variety. If it’s too dull...
The Day I Lost My Virginity...
a year ago
In High Places: [07/03/2017] I’ll never forget the “true” day I popped my glorious green cherry. One good toke followed by what seemed to be the harshest and longest cough of my life was all it took. ...