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Anatomy of an Active Stoner 5

Weightlifting the Stigma Away, One Rep at a Time

Previously on Anatomy of an Active Stoner: Sunday Morning.

Sunday, 1:39 pm

A massive gray cloud hovers over the city park to conquer its sky. Victory rain ensues. What an efficient crowd repellent. The place empties faster than a dull stand-up comedy. Everybody runs off into their cars or underneath the nearest rooftop, faces sad and angry.

There are worst things in life than getting wet fully-clothed. The weather is so out of my control I see no reason to waste mental resources on a negative emotion.

An unexpected weather shift can be disappointing or annoying if you have plans under the sun or somewhere to go, of course. No amount of stoicism can cover up these knee-jerk reactions to life. We have a twenty-five-minute walk ahead of us, and I dread the idea of having the wipe the soaked fellow. He excels at finding ways to resist the towel and makes the process harder than it has to be.

I see the annoyed feeling rise within my mind, like a child that gets louder by the second when it picks up tantrum energy at the store and collapses onto the floor in a fit of raw rage. My mind acknowledges the emotion's presence; I take a deep breath through my nose, ask myself the stress is worth the body damage, then exhale the shit out of my mental state.

Mindful meditation allows me to map out my thoughts and emotions when they spiral in my head as if I was scrolling through my mind's newsfeed. The practice breaks down underlying anxieties that would otherwise grow if left unchecked and make me feel like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.

Meditation Stats

My meditation journey with Headspace

Brain fog was a daily reality for most of my teens and early twenties, and meditation made me realize a fair chunk of the damn cloud was mind-made. The rest came mostly from ice-hockey concussions and eating cereal with whole-wheat toast for breakfast. Weed helped me be a productive human being for some odd reason at the time, although that could just be a lie manufactured by my damn hippie-addict brain and the pro-cannabis tyrants to justify my usage.

Sunday is a self-assessment day. I observe forty health metrics across different categories ranging from sleep to digestion quality, stress, mental acuity, or the week's workout performance, amongst others. This exercise builds a picture of my health as I apply numerous lifestyle strategies for me to analyze and compare with prior evaluations.

My friend coded a web application for us to track these crucial health metrics and store the results.

Track and Understand Important Health Metrics.

You can try the demo version.

My definition of health used to be defined solely on superficial gains. I always had to be bigger and leaner, which left a lingering dissatisfaction no matter what I accomplished in the gym as if I was chasing a carrot at the end of a stick.

I look at old pictures of myself and see a sleepless pile of stressed out muscle full of insecurities who never took the time to appreciate all the progress made. Health now means falling asleep fast to wake up refreshed and maintain consistent energy that I can use for productive or creative endeavors throughout the day. Superficial results become pleasant byproducts.

The sum of my habits should either maintain or improve these health metrics, and I adjust when they fail to do so. A negative shift is a call for change. Constant attention to these details allows me to test tactics and understand the dynamic between my body and my mind further. 

This methodology confirmed that thirty minutes to an hour of mindful meditation improves the quality of my sleep when if I smoke a fat kush spliff and watch a screen late at night.

My results are consistent every time I test: Big joints, alcohol, or late night television with no meditation directly negatively affect my energy throughout the next day. Meditation dampers the adverse effects. I feel groggy the next day otherwise.

Regular self-check ups also give me the freedom to stray from the path of my comfort zone and experiment with different lifestyle variations. The beneficial strategies stay while the others get flushed out of my life.

Novice stoners benefit from these evaluations because the data helps them gauge the impact of their habit. Smoking too much can be counter productive for some people, especially when they don't exercise or take care of themselves. The same goes for delicious junk food, drinking, and all the other human vices that break the body down.

Ice Cube said it best: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Observe 40 Different Metrics with Hero


My business partner comes by for a cookout. We feast on protein and saturated fat, then indulge in freshly baked, warm, gooey, cannabis chocolate chip cookies. I got the recipe online.

He briefs me on the latest development for a solid hour, until the digested THC diffuses into our bloodstream after traveling through our intestines and our minds rise to the twilight zone.

The conversation shifts from business to psychology and psychedelics in a matter of minutes. Anybody seeking an optimal lifestyle needs to learn about the mysteries of the mind. You cannot expect to improve your body without learning about its operating system too.

He leaves by 8:30 pm. I turn off all my screens and walk the dog one last time. Today's total step count is 8,000 steps, not bad. Walking helps me create and unwind, and the pooch helps me keep those numbers up.

I saw three different suns today. The young morning light greeted me with its smile and peaked by noon until an army of clouds conquered the skies. The storm has passed now. The old sun leaves a sky trail of orange and purple before retreating behind the horizon as the moon rises. What a day.

I get home and read ten pages of Julius Evola's Revolt Against the Modern World. I meditate thirty minutes and slip into a slumber the second my head hits the pillow. My new client is coming in at 6 am tomorrow for her movement study, and going to bed earlier than ten is my go to strategy to be on top of my game the next day.

Alex B
Alex B

Pieces of myself through facts and fiction - A fallible human of the digital era. I bought the ticket, missed the ride, then tripped down the rabbit hole and woke up stranded with you in this strange matrix.

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Anatomy of an Active Stoner 5
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