Amazing Recipes Including Cannabis

Satiate your marijuana induced munchies by trying these amazing recipes including cannabis.

If there's one thing that most potheads know, it's that marijuana brownies are incredible and are capable of getting you high as a kite. However, brownies are not the be-all and end-all of enjoying cannabis cuisine. Cooking with cannabis can offer a huge array of different flavors, textures, and THC-induced smiles. 

People who want to create a full meal with cannabis absolutely can do so, but it will take some research. A good way to start learn how to cook with marijuana's rich flavors would be to start by trying one of these mouthwatering meals - featuring Potent's own Mary Jean. 

Cannabis Oils, Butters, And Other Goodies

We couldn't involve a list of amazing recipes including cannabis without talking about cannabutter and other cannabis-infused oils. Weed butter or THC oil is a must for almost every brownie recipe you've ever tried, and you know what? It's worth making even if you don't use it in a batch of brownies.

Cannabutter, as it's commonly known, also tastes amazing on toast, waffles, and even on seafood dishes. Best of all, it can turn almost any recipe you make with butter into a fun way to get more THC into your system.

But, it's just a good idea to learn how to make cannabis convert into a fat, since it's crucial for making most of the recipes that we're going to be talking about. 

Get the recipe here.

Cannabis Quiche

Quiche doesn't seem to be something that you'd expect to go with getting high - especially since it seems like such a snooty dish. However, Chef Mary Jean definitely proved that impression wrong with one of the best recipes we've ever tried. 

This cannabis-infused quiche is light, fluffy, and packed with the good stuff. Even if you're not typically a fan of quiche, it'll be hard to pass up a plateful of this recipe once you get a whiff of it. 

Get the recipe here.

Cannabis Granola

If you're worried about your cannabis cooking being too animal-unfriendly, then cannabis granola is a way better recipe to try out. This absolutely decadent granola mix is totally vegan - and that makes it as earth-friendly as it gets. 

Despite it being vegan, this granola mix has a very "stick to your ribs" quality that makes it satisfying while also giving you the boost of THC you'd expect in cannabis cuisine. 

Get the recipe here.

Marijuana Bacon

This stoner-approved duo involves the deliciously meaty taste of bacon with absolutely mouthwatering aromas of marijuana. Can it get any better? Oh, yes it can. Because of the fatty lipids in this recipe, you also get a more potent hit of THC than you'd expect. 

This easy to do recipe will give you an amazing treat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. After all, there's no wrong time to enjoy a nice slab of bacon! If you really want to experience the awesomeness in full, try it with cannabis-infused eggs. 

Get the recipe here.

Cannabis Eggs

Yes, this is a brand new way to wake and bake - and it's just as tasty as you'd expect it to be. These smoky omelettes can be made with a huge variety of toppings, smell just as good as they look, and also are capable of delivering a shockingly good hit of THC with every bite.

Though there are a variety of ways you can enjoy cannabis eggs, this basic recipe tells you how to start getting your omelette game on. Chef Mary Jane really gave us a great recipe to try. Bon appetit!

Get the recipe here.

Pot Baked Potatoes

Yes, it's true! You can actually get high while eating baked potatoes - assuming you follow this easy-to-do recipe. Oil conversion is the secret to making this recipe pop, but don't get intimidated. It's actually really easy to convert oils the right way for these spuds. 

We strongly suggest trying a "fully loaded" baked pot-ato by adding bacon, cheese, and sour cream with a small handful of chives. It's heavenly, and surprisingly filling. 

Get the recipe here.

The Cannaburger

Considering how well cannabis seems to go with meats and breads, it comes as no surprise to us that there are some pretty amazing recipes involving cannabis burgers. Mary Jean made an incredible burger that delivers that satisfying meaty texture we all love with an equally powerful punch of THC. 

Despite this being a pretty pot-heavy recipe, the cannabis doesn't detract from the beefy flavor. In fact, it adds to it. So, those with sensitive palates don't have to worry about burgers that don't bring the beef. 

Get the recipe here.

Pot Brownies

What cannabis cooking list would be complete without a great recipe for pot brownies? Mary Jean gave us an amazing recipe for the creamiest, most chocolatey brownies imaginable. Once you sink your teeth into these beauties, you'll be addicted to their amazing flavor. 

These brownies are way easier to make than most other recipes we've found. So, if you've tried to make them and failed before, this recipe might restore your faith in your culinary skills. 

Get the recipe here.

Peanut Bud-ter And Jelly

Growing up, everyone has had at least one peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's a classic childhood treat that has a place in our hearts, and may even be one of your favorite go-to comfort foods. 

Well, that comfort food just got a lot more comfortable - and a lot more adult. This awesome PB&J sandwich combines cannabis with a peanut oil infusion to create an amazingly potent edible that tastes just like your old school lunches used to. What more could you want?

Get the recipe here.

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