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A Newbie's Guide to Smoking Cannabis

Things I Wish I Knew

So you want to smoke cannabis, eh? Awesome! But how do you start? Where do you get your supplies? Don’t know? Well, here you can learn everything you need to know to start smoke cannabis!

#1: Where do I get my supplies?

Your local smoke shop of course! Or if you are not comfortable enough to go into one just yet, you can order online. There are plenty out there for you chose to from including Dankgeek.com and Amazon. As for the actual cannabis, you must pick this up from your local dispensary or purchase on an online dispensary such as Cannabismo.

#2: What should I smoke with?

What ever you do, do not start with a bong! I made this mistake and oh goodness do I ever regret it. What I suggest and what many other stoners would suggest is to start smoking with either joints, pipes, or a vape. Now you are probably thinking, "But I can't roll a joint!" Well, neither can I. Thankfully, you can buy cones which you just stuff with the cannabis or you can buy a roller by Raw which will do the rolling for you. One thing to keep in mind with the roller is you will need the papers, and the filter tips as well. All would cost you around $10. As for vaping, you will have to be willing to spend well over $40 for a good dry herb vape.

#3: What strain should I pick?

A sativa dominate hybrid for daytime and indica dominate hybrid for night-time. Some people don't recommend starting with a Sativa but if you have a hybrid it won't make you as wired.

#4: Should I smoke alone?

Honestly, no, not for your first time anyway. Smoking alone can be nice but smoking with a spouse or friend the first time cannabis is best. A bonus would be finding someone who knows what they are doing, who can guide you through your very first smoke sesh. But, if you don’t know of anyone who would enjoy a smoke sesh with you, then you could always watch some YouTubers who have a sesh on camera during their videos. I love doing this when I smoke alone. Some of my favorites are Stoner Mom, SilencedHippe, Haley420, and KimmyTan.

#5: Where should I smoke?

Well, what is your living situation like? Do you have children? Do you live in a dorm or apartment building? If you don’t have children than you can smoke wherever you want. If you need to hide the smell from a landlord or roommates then you can use a Smokebuddy or go outside.

However, if you do have children, then outside would be your best bet but if that’s not an option then a Smokebuddy, open windows, and fans will be your best friends!

#6: Take it slow!

One thing I wish I knew when I first started was, I can take it slow. You do not have to smoke your entire bowl or joint at once, you can take as small of a hit as you need to. Keep in mind the smoke will feel hot to you the first couple times, and the taste may not be your favorite. But if you are using a vape for your very first sesh then you will get cooler hits that will feel a lot smoother than other methods.

I hope you enjoyed your read and please be sure to follow @thehypepipe on Instagram and Twitter for some amazing cannabis posts! And follow @thehypepipe on Soundcloud to listen to our Podcasts! Stay stoned my friends!

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A Newbie's Guide to Smoking Cannabis
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