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A CANNABIS DIARY: An Overview of Strawberry Cough

Strains, Trains and Automobiles

Strawberry Cough [Dab oil; Indica], “Leilani Gardens”, 1g [$35]: 9/10

[First off if you haven't seen my previous post, I speak more about my anxiety and another fantastic strain, "Narnia" by "Soul Shine Cannabis" I recommend for it! Check it out here: https://potent.media/a-cannabis-diary]

Strawberry Cough; another fantastic strain for Social Anxiety! With the sweet strawberry taste and the backfire of the one-hit dab, this strain gives you positive effects quickly and efficiently all with an abiding, tenacious high. Although, personally I find flower more effective for medical purposes [Anxiety, Depression, Appetite Loss, etc] and wanted to originally purchase this in flower, I do enjoy dabbing but mainly for recreational use. Before I get into the strain, I'll explain the concept of dabbing. 

What is Dabbing?

Lets be honest, I've never personally seen anyone smoke crack but the first time I saw the set-up of a dab, I thought that's what was happening. The concept of dabbing consists of the lighter being replaced with a torch and the normal bong bowl is replaced with a different bowl piece called "The Nail". You then grab your miniature spatula to pick up your oil concentrate which could be different textures running from shatter, wax, crumble, hash oil, rosin and high terpene full spectrum. The process then consists of heating up the bowl piece with the torch until it's red hot, allowing it to cool for 20-30 seconds, placing your recommended amount of THC or CBD oil concentrate on your miniature spatula in the bowl piece, evaporating the concentrate as you inhale. However, the difference between a dab hit and smoking flower are completely different.

Due to the potency of the oil concentrate, the THC or CBD runs significantly higher [60%-94%] than that of regular flower [18-34]%. This allows your hit to be exceptionally stronger, so I highly recommend starting off small.  

It's a pretty quick, easy but intense way to get high especially for your first time, so I don't recommend it for first time cannabis smokers. Although, it has been proven it's more healthier for your lungs than smoking flower, it does make you have a cough fit!

Okay, Back to the Strain

I generally don’t leave the house unless I absolutely have to due to my severe Generalized and Social Anxiety and having a hard time communicating to others, so I decided to put Strawberry Cough to the test right before I went to work to help ease the distress and possibly encourage my communication skills. And boy did it! The dab instantaneously took effect after one hit [I took two]. The hit consisted of the strawberry taste consuming my taste buds, followed by an overwhelming hot flash and head rush that faded soon after [this is generally normal for dab smokers]. My distress was immediately settled and replaced with an energetic perception, my mood was uplifted but remained relaxed and my communication skills improved. It was a perfect combination. 

Overall Rating

Overall, I very much enjoyed the high giving it a 9/10. I wasn't too impressed with the shatter concentrate but I would definitely recommend this strain for Anxiety suffers. I purchased 1g of Strawberry Cough by Leilani Gardens in a shatter concentrate at The Gallery in Spanaway, WA for $35. The Budtenders are great; professional but casual, friendly and always willing to recommend the best cannabis for you. They are my go-to cannabis shop for Pierce County, providing a great experience. 

More Cannabis inputs, outputs, recommendations, and references to come :]

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A CANNABIS DIARY: An Overview of Strawberry Cough
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