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9lb Hammer by Pierce County's Finest

Rated 72 by The Cannafiles

What a gorgeous bud to represent this, the all-mighty 9 Pound Hammer, a cross between GooBerry and Jesus OG. This bag contains one beastly cola with the rest of the weight made up with smaller, mercy nugs. What a beautiful bud. The senses are immediately greeted with aromas of pine and skunk after ripping the bag open.

The leaf is light green with lots of pistils throughout that are predominately orange, some yellow, a few red. The leaf, the pistils, even the trichomes appear to have trichomes. However under the microscope, the trichomes are milky-white with not too much translucence or opalescence going on. Magnifying them reveals to me that, though there is full saturation, much of the trichomes appear slightly disfigured, bent, or in some places, jagged.

Breaking apart the buds and it’s piny-skunk for days all up in the nostrils. Grinding down the flower only pronounces these aromas more. Nicely hydrated. I think this cure was fairly well-done. Ground nicely and rolled into a spliff very easy. Pine and skunk, soft tingles in the mouth. There’s a citrus bite to the smoke, but hits smooth with a full feeling in the lungs, and an immediate heaviness to the neck, shoulders, and head. Has a nice fade-in quality to the effects. Wave after wave roll in and it doesn’t take long for my face to warm up and my vision to get fuzzy. Those waves of warmth just keep coming, keep rolling in. They just ebb and flow throughout the body beautifully. The flavor holds steady for the most part but did turn a touch bitter and hot on the finish and frankly I thought I tasted something a little odd, but the effects are so heady and stony that don’t really care at the moment.

This smoke, it sort of just pops and stops you.

There’s no mood elevation to speak of.

You’re just…stuck. Deeper into the experience and this is where the hammer’s hit is heaviest. The eyelids droop with a lovely, heavy sedation. I have the feeling of being warmly wrapped with a blanket just out of the drier. I haven’t moved my body for about forty-two minutes. She really settles into the body, crosses your eyes, and dots your…well, you get the idea.

After coming to and I remember there was an odd bit of taste on the finish when I smoked the spliff. So I’ve decided to pack a bowl and burn down some more. What I notice is consistent. The bud isn’t dry or crispy. It seems well-hydrated, grinds good, and packs easy. There’s a soft berry note that’s noticeable on the first pull and that was something I had not noticed while smoking the joint. But this smoke, it is all about that piny-skunk punch. There is some slight tingling in the mouth. A touch of heat against throat. She starts smooth with a full, thick smoke, but then as she burns, her flavors flatten and that heat against the back of my throat really warms up. There’s definitely something detectable on the finish, something that reminds me of plastic but I can’t be certain. Could be not all of the nutrients were flushed out of her; maybe something impacted her taste during packaging or processing, it’s hard to say but the same flavor anomaly happened in both paper and glass.

Regardless, what is undeniable about this weed is that it is definitely stony and dopey. This one shuts everything down. There’s a wonderful warmth that rolls throughout the body during the entire experience. It all starts in the upper quadrant of the body, then washes downward in warm waves of sedation. The eyes droop as you slowly drip, then pleasantly drift off into the realization that you are the nail when smoking the all-mighty 9 Pound Hammer.

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9lb Hammer by Pierce County's Finest
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