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5 Top Drinks for Cotton Mouth

A Cannabis Article

You ever question what is best to drink while high? Well I have made a list of my top 5 favorites followed by some bonus ones for those over age 21: please check them out!

  1. You can NEVER beat water. I'm sorry, I don't care if you think water is the devil. It is the #1 thirst reliever. For best results, let your water be nice and chill, it makes for a smooth effect on the way down. You may add flavor such as mint for excess salavation and to refresh to your mouth.
  2. Surprisingly, it is highly recommended to drink apple juice to quench your thirst. Apple juice is sweet and gets rid of any bitter taste in the mouth, plus it leaves your mouth feeling pretty nice. In addition, it's super sweet and when the munchies start kicking in, it could be the perfect side beverage.
  3. Milkshakes: not only do milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, they are a great liners to prevent your mouth from feeling dry. The fact that this is both a dessert and a drink in one is what makes milkshakes so awesome, especially when the munchies start kicking in. My favorite milkshake to purchase is just a plain old fashioned strawberry milkshake. Talk about yum. Please be wary that milkshakes do have a risk of making you a little congested either in the chest or nose. Sometimes after drinking a delicious milkshake, some leftover mucus gets stuck in my chest and I have to cough it out (TMI, I get it, just be wary, kids).
  4. Juice: Pretty much any smooth juice or punch should do the trick. Even Kool-Aid can be cool and refreshing. I find Hawaiian Fruit Punch to be delightful as well as Sunny D. In addition to your mouth being happy from all the flavor, most juices and punches have some sort of positive vitamins in them that will help your body. For example, vitamin C. Juices also leave a tangy aftertaste in your mouth that can be very pleasant to some. Therefore, not only is juice good for cotton mouth, but it can also by a healthy treat for your body as well, especially when you buy the right kind of juice.
  5. Soda: Talk about a fuzzy party in your mouth. Soda leaves your mouth feeling crisp and slightly refreshed. Plus the taste of soda on the way down is positively delightful. Not to mention, if you are on some giggly strain of sativa, all the burping will have you laughing for hours.(just a guess).

All of these are great drink options... If over the age of 21, also try:

  1. A glass of Moscato wine: nice and sweet wine will go well with all the sweet munchie cravings. Pretty much any wine you enjoy will be even more so fantastic when your high. Not only is the taste amplified but so is the carbonation. Amd much like in soda, wine leaves the mouth feeling fizzy and refreshed.
  2. Apple martini: I don't care if you are male or female. Go get an apple martini. They are sweet and delicious and come in cool cups. What else do you need to know? 
  3. A nice cool beer or cider. No need to get too crazy. Curl up with a blunt and a beer or cider and you might find your day ending in perfect harmony.

Above all: please note that any beverage that is not water may cause you to feel a bit more dehydrated long term so please, above all els,e do your cotton mouth a favor and soak it with some grade one—WATER. :) Water is the key to a lot of problems so keep it in mind for any diminished capacity (whether high, drunk, or worked out too hard).

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5 Top Drinks for Cotton Mouth
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