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420 Friendly Hotels and Services

When traveling, it's helpful to know which areas of the US, and the world, offer 4/20 friendly hotels and services.

Vacations are wonderful, and it's hard to improve upon a day of sightseeing in exotic locations. Though it's hard, it's not impossible to make your vacation even better than usual - especially if you're a pothead. 

With the new legalization of marijuana going on in states across the country, hotels are beginning to realize that they can make a lot of money catering to ganja tourists who want to smoke and toke in their rooms. As a result, cannabis hotels are popping up everywhere. Here are some of the best choices out there for toker tourists. 

Convention Center Hotel - Denver, CO

Denver has definitely become one of the most popular cannabis vacation spots out there, and perhaps one of the most affordable as well. The Downtown Denver Convention Center Hotel regularly gets accolades for its clean, high quality rooms - and its very 420-friendly open air balconies. 

Along with 420-friendly smoking policies, Convention Center Hotel has a lovely rooftop pool that is heated for almost year-round enjoyment. Needless to say, this urban escape is a great place to go if you want to relax in style. 

The 16th Street Mall Hotel - Denver, CO

This decidedly Western-looking hotel brings back "cowboy" decor while keeping things modern. Luxurious yet surprisingly rustic in style, this manly hotel has everything you need for a nice guys' night out or a couples' night in. 

That being said, The 16th Street Mall Hotel is one of Denver's hottest cannabis hotels. 

If you so choose, you can ask for a complimentary Silver Surfer vaporizer rental and dispensary coupons. Though they can't give you the bud directly, the 16th Street Mall makes every stop to make sure you can get high with as little issue as possible. 

Uptown Suites - Denver, CO

Most places that you'll find are 420-friendly, but not pet-friendly. This hotel is friendly to both, so you never have to choose between lighting a joint and bringing Fido along for the ride. 

As the name suggests, this amenity-rich hotel is designed to be a home away from home. At Uptown Suites, guests get to enjoy plush surroundings, a full bathroom, as well as a fully functional mini-kitchen. Getting your munchies fix has never been easier!

Renaissance Denver Downtown City Center Hotel - Denver, CO

If you're going to hit up Denver, you might as well do so in style. The City Center Hotel is known for having superbly stylish amenities that make it feel like a luxury resort that just so happens to be cannabis-friendly. 

Whether you're lighting up at their gorgeous rooftop firepit, enjoying their fully equipped in-suite kitchens, or just taking their complementary My420 Tour, it's safe to say you'll probably feel like royalty once you've settled in for your vacay. 

Cherry Creek Hotel - Denver, CO

If you're looking for a more "traditional looking" hotel that has standard amenities and spacious surroundings, then Cherry Creek is a great bet. Located right outside of Denver's city limits, this spacious hotel has plenty of open air smoking sections and can come with an on-demand 420 tour. 

It's worth noting that this hotel is very popular with college kids, since it's very close to a local university. So, who knows? You might end up meeting up with some cool folks there. 

Clarion Inn Surfrider Resort - Depoe Bay, OR

This breathtaking resort sits atop a small cliff overlooking the beautiful Depoe Bay... and that means that you can expect to have amazing views as you enjoy smoking your pipe. 

A 54-room hotel, Clarion Inn Surfrider Resort, has been rated by Greentripz as very 420-friendly, and also has a slew of amenities that make it a great destination for sober and stoner friends alike. If you love pools, beaches, fitness rooms, and nearby dispensaries, then this location is definitely worth a looksee. 

The Travel Joint 420 Luxury Condo - Las Vegas, NV

If you want to enjoy a smoke in Vegas, it's now legal to do so. This luxury, 420-friendly "condo" rental comes with all the goods you could ever need in order to experience the full craziness that Las Vegas can be. 

This venue comes with free parking, free 420 products in the room that change seasonally, a hot tub, spa access, and a pool...just to name a handful of the amenities you'll get to access. Surprisingly, this rental seems to be pretty reasonably priced considering its location and amenities. 

The only downside? It has a "no party" policy. 

The Jupiter Hotel - Portland, OR

Portland has a way of keeping things weird, and this kitschy, artsy hotel proves it with its pop art decoration and 420-friendly policy. The boutique hotel had partnered up with Dope Magazine to create a specially tailored 420 package that gives you access to vape pens, munchie kits, and cannabis dispensary coupons. 

That being said, they don't include the pot - but they do make it incredibly easy to procure it. Better still, they also have an in-hotel lounge that makes mean cocktails. If you love to drink and toke, The Jupiter Hotel will be an amazing vacation destination. 

Casa Stefano - Uruguay

This gorgeous hotel is one of many hotels to capitalize on Uruguay's decision to make marijuana legal. Visitors who feel like taking a puff abroad get to sink into plush beds, gaze at beautiful architecture by Italian designers, and an incredibly cozy fireplace. 420 smoking takes place outdoors, but that's okay considering the warm weather in Uruguay. 

Even if you aren't a toker, you'll love Casa Stefano's activity lists. Those who feel sportive get to enjoy fishing, hiking, biking, and trips to nearby spas. Need we say any more?

420 Friendly Hotels Are Everywhere

And some places make a point to advertise their friendliness towards America's favorite herb. Sites like BudAndBreakfast make it easy to find a hotel in a major area - and, so do 420 travel agencies. When in doubt, search up your destination online, and you'll be bound to find a 420-friendly place you'd want to stay at. 

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420 Friendly Hotels and Services
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