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13 Best Travel Vape Cases to Take On the Go

Your vape is your boo. Make sure you have the kind of travel vape cases that will keep it safe as you journey through life.

If there's one thing that separates weed noobs from the weed veterans, it's their love of high-quality cannabis accessories. Most of the biggest fans of cannabis tend to have the most expensive marijuana accessories out there—but truthfully, you don't have to drop thousands of dollars in order to get good gear. 

There's good reason to want to spend a little extra, particularly when it comes to stuff that protects your smoking gear. For example, if you have a vape, you might want to invest in some of these epic travel vape cases before your next journey. 

Kbag Carry Case by Leeko

Leeko's Kbag is one of the best travel vape cases for people who have a lot of vaping accessories to tote along with them. Whether you need to carry a bunch of coils, special little mods, or even just some additional herbal goodies, this has plenty of padding and sections to make it work for you. 

That being said, the Kbag is not smell-proof. So, if you're looking for something to keep noses out of your gear, you might want to look elsewhere. Even so, it's as nondescript as vape cases come, and that's a great thing. 

Travel Vape Case by Kroo

If you have a G Pen for your vaping pleasure, then this is one of the better travel vape cases you might want to buy. This is specifically designed with G Pens in mind, has extra pockets for stashing accessories and supplies, and even comes with a nice stylish semi-hard shell exterior. 

Ample cushioning and a decent amount of smell-proofing makes the Kroo Travel Vape Case a good choice for vapers on a budget. 

2.3L Safe Case Small Carbon Series by RYOT

ROYT makes some seriously impressive travel vape cases, but few will be as roomy, cushioned, and feature-filled as their 2.3L Safe Case. This case has fully customizable padding, X-straps to keep your vape in place, comes with SmellSafe tech to keep your goods discreet, and even allows you to lock it up. 

If you're a pothead who's tired of having people nosing around your goods, or if you just want to keep things extra safe, this is one box that will have you feeling great. 

6" Capsule Black Diamond Glass Protection Case by Vatra

Style and function coming together are what make Vatra the great company they are. This is one of the more discreet travel vape cases on the market and at only six inches in length, easily looks like it is supposed to be a glasses case instead. 

Their capsule cases are beautiful in design, excellently padded, and are known for being exceptionally lightweight. In other words, it's the perfect case for on-the-go vaping. 

Waxed Canvas Vape Pen Accessories Kit Pouch Holder by Hide & Drink

Waxed canvas is one of the sturdiest waterproof materials in the world, and has been for decades. This beautiful waxed canvas pouch has all the little straps you need to keep every part of your vape safe. A nice exterior, decent cushioning, and hidden pouch means that you also can carry goods safely and discretely if need be. 

Though this isn't one of the more guaranteed smell-proof travel vape cases, it's still low-key enough to keep prying eyes away in most situations. 

Essential Oil Bag by EVOON

Okay, technically this isn't actually a vape case. We're aware of this. However, this essential oil tote bag makes for one of the better travel vape cases you can buy for a number of reasons. 

First off, it doesn't look like a vape case—and that's great news for people who live in areas where it's still illegal. The pouch has ample cushioning, plenty of sections for gear, and even is waterproof. Not too shabby, eh?

Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories by Amazon Basics

This is another one of those travel vape cases that isn't actually specially designed for vapes. However, it still does the job well and provides ample protection for your vape and its accessories. A simple black box design makes it easy to overlook and even easier to carry without worries. 

If you typically just enjoy electronic cigarettes rather than cannabis vape pens, this might be the best option. Few other carrying cases will be as affordable and durable. 

Universal Electronics/Accessories Hard Travel Carrying Case Bag by Caseling

Amazon's travel cases tend to run a bit on the smaller side, and if you have a slightly larger than average vape, that's bad news for you. Thankfully, Caseling made an excellent case that's just a pinch larger. 9.5 inches long, over 5 inches wide, and almost three inches deep means you can pack all the goods you need into this case effortlessly. 

Mesh pockets, soft lining, and a nice shell case will keep all your stuff safe and sound—even if you decide to go for a jog. 

Smell Proof Safety Case 2.0 by Black Rock Originals

If you're looking for 420-friendly travel vape cases that are made specially for that purpose, then Black Rock Originals has a treat for you. Their Smell Proof Safety Case 2.0 was made to help vapers keep their stash safe, and is made with smell-proof charcoal lining. 

Durability, smell-proofing, and excellent cushioning are all what make this one of the better vape cases on this list. However, what we love about it is its petite size, discreet design, and overall great quality. 

Leather Pipe Tobacco Pouch Case by Scotte

Trying to find stately travel vape cases isn't easy, especially if you're a fan of old school leather accessories. Though this is technically a tobacco pipe carrying case, the truth is that it works just as well for your favorite vape (or two). 

It's surprisingly roomy, soft, and made of real leather. It's a great gift for the vaper you know who loves a good round of golf at the country club. 

Double Decker Smell Proof Case by Vatra

Vatra makes some of the most stylish travel vape cases out there for people who love to vape their ganja. For folks who have a shorter vape but a lot more accessories, their Double Decker cases are a wonderful choice. 

Six inches of length makes this perfect for compact vapes, while amply pockets and smell-proof lining give you all the space (and discretion) you need to tote around that Girl Scout Cookie ganja alongside your favorite piece. 

GoStash by StashLogix

Having StashLogix travel vape cases might actually be one of the things that separate weed veterans from weed noobs. They make some of the best smell-proof padded bong bags out there, not to mention some of the best weed accessories for all kinds of smoking fun. 

Their GoStash bags are the smallest and best smell-proof pipe cases they make, and honestly, you really can't get better. They're padded, have pockets made for vape accessories, and even are designed to be lockable. Few box mods could stand up to that. 

Sidekick Smell Proof Case w/ Combo Lock by Skunk

Skunk bags are yet another status symbol in stoner culture, and it's easy to see why. Their newest travel vape cases, the Sidekick series, are designed to be stylish, discrete, smell-proof, and lockable for your pipe's protection. 

Everything you could want in a vape case can be found in this one, which is why the Sidekick regularly gets called the gold standard case for vaping stoners. 

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13 Best Travel Vape Cases to Take On the Go
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