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10 Smart Places to Hide Weed in Your Car

Don't get busted by the cops for your smoking habit! Use some of the best places to hide weed in your car to keep that paranoid feeling you're getting at bay.

Being a pothead is a mostly healthy habit that has an awfully high risk associated with it. I'm talking, of course, about the risk of arrest. Having any kind of drug habit puts you at risk of being arrested, even if it's something as simple as weed.

Even in weed-legal states, it's possible to get pulled over, searched, and cuffed if police believe you have marijuana in your car, especially if it smells like you've been smoking it. Depending on where you live, you could find yourself facing years in prison.

Jail time, or even a drug charge, is enough to ruin your life. That's why it's so incredibly important to know how to hide weed in your car like a pro. It can change the way your life turns out.

If you're going to hit the road with your drug stash, you need to do it right. Put your cannabis in a smell-proof bag to hide the smell of weed, and then tuck it away in one of these smart (and rarely-searched) areas.

Just Outside the Gas Tank

When police search a car for cannabis, they never really look at the exterior of the car. That's what makes the little area where the gas tank is located one of the smarter places to hide weed in your car.

Hunter S. Thompson did a similar thing when he was doing his thing in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Just, you know, make sure to keep it on the outside of the actual tank. You will not be able to hide your high around other people if you, instead, don't make sure the gas cap is closed and accidentally drop your stash inside of the gas tank.

This method is particularly good if you have a locking door near your gas tank. Most police will not bother trying to open up a locked door just to search for weed.

Inside the Console's Armrest, Near the Bottom

Do you have one of those armrests in the middle of your car near the center console? Does it lift up and have a small storage compartment? Use that to its full benefit.

Police officers won't see it at a glance because it's hidden away from plain sight and covered up. However, they may check this area if they want to make their quota. That's why you should tuck it into the very bottom of the console in a smell-proof bag.

On the Underside of the Glove Compartment

A lot of cars have a false bottom in their glove compartment, and it's worth checking to see if yours does too. If you notice a nook or a cranny that is invisible to plain sight when you casually open the glove compartment, then you are in business.

Your glove compartment is one of the more common places police search. The key here is to make it a point to have the search be as difficult as possible—or just make them unable to find it at a quick glance.

Inside Your Spare Tire

When a car is stopped by a police officer hoping to make a drug arrest, the first place they will search is the trunk. However, there's a little trick that makes this fairly safe in most cases.

Inside most car trunks is a layer of hard fabric. Underneath that hard fabric linker is the spare tire—also known as the "rubber" or the "boot." If you take your spare tire and tape your stash to the top of the inside of it, police won't be able to see it all too well.

Under Your Car Mats

Your car mats definitely don't get enough love. You barely vacuum them, they get all the mud from your hiking exploits, and they just get a lot of abuse. You know what else they're good for? They're wonderful for being one of the sneakiest places to hide weed in your car.

If you just have a small baggie of green, put it in a scent-proof bag and hide it underneath your car rug. It's such an overlooked place, police probably won't even think about looking there.

Inside a Storage Pouch

You know how the back of the drivers seats have those giant storage pouches for magazines and stuff? They're more common on older cars than they are in newer ones; but nonetheless, they also tend to be pretty reliable places to hide weed in your car.

The trick to making this work is to have extra clutter jammed on top of the ganja, and to pack small amounts of weed within these poaches. For example, having something like a magazine and putting your stash between the pages or using a pile of bills to cover for one envelope that hides your weed should do the trick.

A Secret Compartment

Many cars have parts that pop off pretty easily, and that's by design, too. When mechanics service cars, they will often need to have parts that are easily removable in order to make fixing things a faster job.

People who have a flair for mechanic work might want to poke around their cars to find out where their "secret compartments" really are. Many will have them near the dashboard, or inside the floor area.

Inside the Spare Tire Cover

Do you have a Jeep, Hummer, or other super-sporty vehicle that has the spare tire on the outside of the car? If so, you have one of the most ideal places to hide weed in your car.

The best place to use this hiding place is not inside the actual tire, since that's still pretty out in the open. A better option would be to tape your stash to the tire's cover.

Inside Your Tires

Are you transporting a really large haul? Like, a pound or so large? If so, then you may want to start looking for a more mechanical solution to your weed storage. If you have some space inside your tires, try to store a bag or two there.

This isn't always doable, but it can do a huge amount of carrying if you can hack it, as well as being one of the best ways to hide the smell of marijuana (at least from being inside your car). Just make sure your tires are put on well, otherwise they won't need to even open your door to search your vehicle and find the weed. (It'll be on your tire, on the side of the road, as it falls off.)

Inside Trash

Thank goodness for messy cars! The junk of Taco Bell wrappers, candy remains, and soda cans create amazingly good places to hide weed in your car. Cops don't want to search a car that's loaded with junk, and will often do a cursory glance if they notice too much garbage.

If you're really worried, just hide weed in a secret cannabis container to keep your weed safe and hidden, blending in with the type of junk you already have in your car. By making it hard as possible for law enforcement to search your car thoroughly, you will be more likely to be let off the hook.

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10 Smart Places to Hide Weed in Your Car
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