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10 Hemp Lotions Everyone With Dry Skin Should Try

Looking to get into hemp lotions? Any of these hemp lotions can fulfill your dry skin needs.

There are numerous types of lotions out there and they all aim for different reasons. People use lotion to help with dry skin, acne, eczema, and other skin issues. However, people also tend to use lotions in a more therapeutic way. That's why the majority of masseuses apply lotions before they massage because it calms the skin and the person overall.

Yet, not all lotions are meant to be therapeutic. In fact, there are lotions out there that are known to calm you down once applying — hemp lotions. Aside from the calming scent, the feel of the hemp lotion is soothing on the skin, immediately relaxing your body, making it a great hemp beauty product

The hemp seeds and omega 3s infused in most of these hemp lotions are the key ingredients to calming the nerves. Sounds amazing, right? Consider getting yourself a hemp lotion or two to be part of your skincare routine. And if you're really into hemp, there are also hemp clothing brands you can get into!

Limited Edition Pure Hemp Herbal Body Moisturizer by Hempz

Hempz is a very popular brand for hemp lotions, so it's no surprised that I placed this first on the list. This lightweight moisturizer helps soothe, calm, and soften the skin from its pure natural hemp seed oil. Shea butter and essential vitamins are also infused in the lotion, which will keep your skin constantly hydrated.

This hemp lotion also includes aloe vera extract, avocado extract, and vitamins A, C, D, and E. Never leave your skin feeling dry again with Hempz’s Pure Hemp Herbal Body Moisturizer.

Hemp Foot Protector by The Body Shop

Have dry feet? The Body Shop has you covered with their Hemp Foot Protector. Nothing is worse than dry, flaky feet; so get yourself this foot cream to avoid that.

This foot cream is seriously heavy-duty and will hydrate and soften the roughest parts of your feet. It helps condition nails and was dermatologically tested. Also, the hemp seed oil calms the skin, which is always a plus.

Island Scents Hemp Body Moisturizer by Malibu Tan

If you're looking for one of the more sweet, tropical scented hemp lotions, then you might want to look into this one. This lotion extracts a pleasurable smelling tropical mojito fragrance. You'll feel like you're enjoying a delicious mojito right on the beach while the hemp seed oil relaxes you.

It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, soft, and vibrant. As a plus, this hemp lotion is vegan and wasn't tested on animals.

Lotion Hemp by Nature's Gate

Nature's Gate is also a great brand for lotion, but did you know that they have hemp lotions, too? This particular one is one of their best. While it's 100 percent vegan with no GMO, this hemp lotion is ideal for maximum hydration.

Once applied, it immediately soothes the skin and replenishes moisture back into the skin. Aside from the hemp seed oil, this lotion is infused with shea butter, milk thistle, and kukui nut oil.

Frosted Peppermint & Vanilla Sugar Herbal Whipped Body Crème by Hempz

Here's another one among Hempz hemp lotions. However, this specific lotion is loaded with great benefits. To start off with, it gives off a delicious scent of peppermint and vanilla sugar. If you want a great smelling hemp lotion, I highly suggest this one.

It's rich in vitamins, includes yangu oil, anti-aging apple fruit extract, and potassium-rich cogon grass extract. See what I mean about benefits? This hemp lotion is ideal if you're aiming for something that'll help with aging and, of course, dry skin.

Hemp Holy Grail Unscented Body Lotion by North American Herb and Spice

If you don't like scented lotions at all, but want to get into hemp lotions, then this hemp lotion is right up your alley. While it possesses the same benefits and qualities as a regular hemp lotion, it doesn't give off any scent.

The Hemp Holy Grail Unscented Body Lotion aims to nourish the skin and replenishing moisture, as well as leaves behind a smooth, silky feeling. The hemp seed oil also gives off a soothing feeling onto the skin.

Hemp Body Lotion by Malibu Tan

If you found the Malibu Tan hemp lotion previously to be interesting, but not entirely to your liking, then their regular hemp lotion would better suit you. Featured with a great amount of virgin hemp seed oil, this lotion is known to really calm the skin and hydrate any dry skin you have.

Apply this lotion anywhere, from your legs to your arms; you'll feel a massive difference in the skin and nerves. 

Hemp Moisturizing Lotion by EarthSkin Naturals

Among other hemp lotions, this organic hemp lotion is what many people lean towards because of its natural and organic ingredients. While it's infused with all natural hemp seed oils, it's hand-harvested with wild-crafted Shea butter for extra skin conditioning.

You can use this hemp lotion either during the hot summer or the cold winter. This can be your holy grail when it comes to bringing back hydration to your skin. Also, it's targeted to calm you down in the most therapeutic way.

Hemp Hydrating Body Lotion by Measurable Difference

Among other hemp lotions, Measurable Difference's hemp body lotion is ideal for intense hydration while it's a therapeutic lotion for calming you down. It's well-known for its nutritional and medicinal properties to help anti-aging and dry skin. 

While it's gentle on the skin, it replenishes moisture and never leaves behind a trace of dry skin. It's also rich in omega 3s and essential fatty acids to naturally hydrate the skin.

Hemp Coconut Body Moisturizer by Malibu Tan

I'm ending the list of great hemp lotions with another Malibu Tan. This brand kills it in the hemp lotion game, and this particular scent is something that I personally love. If you're nuts over coconut scent, then you'll fall in love with this lotion.

While it gives off a delicious coconut aroma and relaxes your nerves, it's 100 percent vegan and will leave your skin feeling very hydrated, vibrant, and super soft.

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10 Hemp Lotions Everyone With Dry Skin Should Try
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