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10 Cannabis TED Talks You Should Watch Right Now

These are the top 10 cannabis TED Talks that will provide a different approach to​ the plant.

These are the top ten cannabis TED Talks that will provide a different approach to the drug as well as new insights towards the use of cannabis in all walks of life. 

From a doctor's approach to a dad of two young ailing daughters, each of these TED Talks are sure to open the eyes of many. And if you're looking for a new outlook on the world of cannabis, these videos are the perfect door. 

Josh Stanley: The Surprising Story of Medical Marijuana and Pediatric Epilepsy

First on our list of cannabis TED Talks is by Josh Stanley. Josh, in collaboration with his brothers, developed a strain of marijuana that is non-psychotropic that is used to reduce seizures in those who suffer from epilepsy in Colorado. 

His speech is meant to bring awareness to the need for social change as a way to help those who need marijuana for medical purposes. He uses the example of a young girl, Charlotte Figi, who suffers from epilepsy, and is one of the most frequent cannabis users in the world. 

At the end of the day, we're just talking about a plant. 

Dan Sutton: Cannabis Cultivation Has a Dirty Secret, But the Future is Sun-Grown

Next on our list of the best cannabis TED Talks is brought to you by Dan Sutton. His TED Talk is a way to shine the light on what traditions of cannabis cultivation can do for the future for the environment. 

Commercial cannabis production should be created in a modern industrial greenhouse, with natural sun-grown light, and provides a costless fuel for plant growth. To do so, we would save an incredible amount of electricity use per year. 

David Schmader: Stoners Coming Out- Beyond the Marijuana Monster Myths

With a title like "Stoners coming out- beyond the marijuana monster myths," David Schmader has one of the most hilarious talks about marijuana that is also very informative. 

The concept of his talk is about what a marijuana user is. Schmader is a writer, playwright, columnist, artist, and performer. He talks about his own experiences with cannabis as well as the stereotypes of a stoner and what comes with these concepts, being cultural issues. 

Zachary Walsh: Making Peace with Cannabis

As one of the best cannabis TED Talks, Zachary Walsh gives a speech about his career as a clinical psychologist as well as a researcher for human behavior with drugs. Much of his research has been focused on cannabis' relationship with humans, health, and their well-being. 

He goes on to say that there is really no straight answer to being able to tell the difference between the medical and recreational use of cannabis. Though this might be a clear line for some, there is often a mixture of the two uses of the drug. What does this mean for the complex of the plant?

Hugh Humpel: Why I Changed My Mind about Medicinal Cannabis

Hugh Hempel is a healthcare entrepreneur who was once a technology industry veteran. During his TED Talk about cannabis, he talks about how medicinal cannabis has aided the lives of his two 11 year-old-daughters. 

As a way to challenge the views of medical marijuana, he uses his personal life to provide an insight to the effects of medical marijuana for young ailing little girls. To start off his speech, he asks the question,

What goes through your mind when I tell you that my two 11-year-old twins are using marijuana? How do 11 year olds get access to pot?

Joni Lane: Building with Hemp

Next on our list of the best cannabis TED Talks comes from Joni Lane. Lane is a LEED Green Associate who has recently graduated from Boston Architectural College with a Masters in Sustainable Design Studies. As you can guess, she is most passionate about the power to change the way we treat our planet. 

Her speech focuses on indoor contaminants and their effects on the world and on our own personal health, and the need for awareness. She stresses the need for regenerative solutions that will stop threatening our planet by using bio-based materials like Hempcrete. 

David Casarett: A Doctor's Case for Medical Marijuana

David Casarett, a doctor, admits that he was wrong about medical marijuana. Being a sceptic, he went on to investigate the benefits. With his new found knowledge, he reports back to his audience about what he knew and what he didn't know. 

And more importantly how mainstream medicine could learn from the marijuana industry. Due to the lack of knowledge during his path through medical school, he wrote his own book about the need for information on this drug, and the surprises that he found, most importantly the perk that patients can control their own medicine. 

Gregory Petsko: The Coming Neurological Epidemic

Next on our list of the best cannabis TED Talks comes from Gregory Petsko. He takes a different approach for his TED Talk and focuses on the topic of neurological disease. This includes Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and the effects of such diseases with age. And of course, he brought in the solution for these diseases, which is with research.  

He believes that without research of the brain and its functions, in the next 50 years, we'll see an epidemic of disease. And with the topic of cannabis, the two will go hand in hand with research. 

Viki Vaurora: Medical Marijuana: The Ultimate Disease Defeating Drug

Much like the previous TED Talk, Viki Vaurora uses his time on stage to tackle the topic of using marijuana as a disease defeating drug. Vaurora elaborates on the importance of mankind to use such a plant like this, and the fact of the use of this drug for over 10,000 years, the history of the drug proves the benefits of the use. 

One of the most powerful medicines on the planet, cannabis was banned in 1937 due to the threat it imposes against other existing industries. Being aware of this is important and eye opening.

Richard Stratton: Drug Smuggler Speaks Out About Incarceration and Marijuana

Last, but not least, on our list of the best cannabis TED Talks is by Richard Stratton, called "Drug Smuggler Speaks Out About Incarceration and Marijuana." A previous marijuana smuggler and criminal, Stratton was arrested in 1982. He is also an award-winning writer, filmmaker, and human rights advocate. He was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison. 

During his time incarcerated, he wrote Smack Goddess, the cult classic novel. His sentence was vacated and he was released after eight years. With his insight, he tells his story with honesty and with purpose. He talks about the government's purpose, to force him to rat out his accomplices, in order for him to walk free, and his refusal to comply. 

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10 Cannabis TED Talks You Should Watch Right Now
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